Agricultural portal "Propozitsiya"
Agricultural portal "Propozitsiya"
Portal "PropozitsіYa"
The site is available in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.
This agro-portal that offers its readers an operational and reliable information about agriculture in general and agriculture in particular.
There is also a message board, catalog, agroliteratura, forum and more.
You can subscribe in a comfortable format.
Home portal contains the latest information: The topic of the day, Analytics, News, Experience farms, machinery and equipment.
Top menu divides the information portal areas: Agribusiness, Technology, Agricultural chemistry, experience economy.
A block structure, easy navigation through the site, nice design makes the portal a convenient and interesting for the user.
In special sections of our agroportala you can get advice from the best international and European practices intensive agriculture.
Registered users can post new threads in the forum, publish announcements, comments, add photos and video materials.