Manufacture of forged articles from the "Forging MSK"
Manufacture of forged articles from the "Forging MSK"
Corporate site of "Forging MSK", which offers the manufacture of all types of forged products.
On the site there is a possibility to order the product by selecting among a large photo-directory company, or to request a personal order.
With the help of a detailed calculator on the website, you can own, without the help of managers, calculate the cost of your order. Use this calculator is very convenient, since the parameters of the future products (type of product, a sketch, columns, painting, etc.) Are listed in the form of a photo for a more accurate representation and calculation.
Web site design perfectly conveys all the personality and professionalism of the company, which for 18 years has accumulated great experience in manufacturing of forged products. As in every product of the company chustsvuetsya skills, and on the website can be seen in every thoughtful member.
Furthermore Photo Calculator directory and the site has the following sections: Videos, Sketches, Swarovski, News, About Us, Contact Us.
There is also the possibility to contact the manager of the company, director and designer for advice, or write a letter.