Сorporate website for the training center
Сorporate website for the training center
We have developed a corporate website for the training center "Studio visual psychodiagnostics".
The site contains the following main areas of activity: physiognomy, graphology, diseases psychoanalysis, color analysis, food analysis and food.
Anyone interested visitor can see the full schedule of classes, training visual psychodiagnostics, get acquainted with interesting articles on this subject, with books. Also available on the site a section where visitors can find a selection of films devoted to the psycho-diagnostics, with a review of participants of the training center. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of online glossary of psychological diagnostics and partition table of the psychological impact of color in which the visitor can find a lot of information of interest to him.
A distinctive feature of this site is that all the materials on the site, connected by a common theme and the user will not have to search long for the next session on topics of interest to him, the book or the article, everything is always available in a few clicks and it is something that is interesting to the visitor.